Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Get This Started

Homebrewing is one of those hobbies that takes over your entire being.  It seems that when someone starts homebrewing they become completely obsessed and brew a as much as their life permits.  After the initial obsession dies down most of us either brew what we like to drink, brew to style or experiment as much as possible.  Some people, like myself, are a bit of all three.

I'm not the most active at drinking beer so brewing what I like and brewing to style really clog up my homebrewing pipeline and limit my creativity since I don't want 5 gallons of an experiment gone wrong blocking one of my taps for half a year (or longer).  My solution to this was to brew 5 gallons of beers I like and use 1 gallon batches to brew things that I probably shouldn't.

The goal for this year is to brew 52 batches of beer.  It won't be weekly but it will be constant.  I started off the 1st week with 3 batches, Randy Mosher's Crabapple Lambicky Ale, my first Semi-Sweet Mead, and a toasty Olive Oil Ale.

I have a huge list of brews that I have planned but it's always changing and I'm up for suggestions.  I'm looking forward to busy year.

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